Yep, Garages and Closets

National Association of Realtors (NAR) Research in 2007 have listed the following as the Profile of Buyers' Home Feature Preferences. The features are listed according to their rank in "importance" of the surveyed NAR Research home buyers with the least important being listed first.

Separate showers in main bath.
47% of buyers are prepared to pay more for a home that have a separate shower in the main bath. This is an indication that buyers are looking for luxury in their homes of choice.

High-speed Internet access.
The desire to have high-speed Internet access is a recent desire in buyers. Back in 2004, the desire to have high-speed Internet access did not even rank the top 10 important home features.

Cable/satellite TV-ready.
36% of buyers are willing to pay extra to have their home cable/satellite TV-ready. Again, this is another indicator of the home buyer's preference to have a home of luxury.

Backyard/play area, Patio.
In 2004, a backyard/play area did not even rank in the top 10 of importance in home features in a previous survey conducted by NAR. Of the buyers surveyed, 54% would pay a premium for a patio. When outdoor entertaining has become a common trend today, one can understand how this plays an importance for present home buyers.

#3 Walk-in closet in master bedroom.
Of all interior features in a home, 60% of home buyers surveyed state they would pay more for a home with a walk-in closet in the master bedroom.

#2 Oversize garage.
The second most desired feature in a home is an oversized garage or a garage with two spaces or more. 56% of NAR Researched home buyers are willing to pay a premium to have this feature in their dream home. Not only are cars requiring more space, garages are also utilized for another storage area for most homeowners.

#1 Central air-conditioning.
The top feature most wanted by home buyers is central air-conditioning which indicates home buyers desire for increased comfort in their home.

Other desirable features listed in NAR's 2007 Profile include hardwood floors, granite countertops, whirlpool bath, energy efficient features & fencing. By uncovering what home buyers believe are the most important home features, NAR's Research may help those currently in the process of buying a home by directing them on how to narrow their list of prospective homes by considering features that may have an effect on future resale value. This can also help sellers evaluate the pricing of their property as it gives insight on what home buyers are finding desireable when choosing a home.

A national garage franchise also states "A recent survey by leading real-estate brokerage Century 21 found that 74 percent of homebuyers cited the garage as the most important amenity - outranking a large kitchen, formal dining room or big backyard. And what they prize most about the garage is its storage capacity. Source: Century 21 Index."

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